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Stacy Keibler Ass at the Airport of the Day

Stacy Keibler is so happy that her career that eneded a few years ago with Dancing With the Stars is making a comeback now that she’s either fucking Clooney, or pretending to fuck Clooney, cuz Clooney is rumored to be a poofter, and these bitches are rumored to be low level who sign contracts and do the pretend girlfriend for the exposure…Hollywood is a business after all….a business that has left Keibler happy as shit people are standing outside her house with camera, and following her to the airport, so happy she’s letting them snap off the ass shots…a rare fucking event in the paprazzi world…since they are all on celeb payroll and have rules to follow if they want to get paid…but maybe Keibler’s not at that level yet…who cares, here’s her ass and her long strong leg.

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