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Ali Larter Pantsless of the Day

Ever since Ali Larter had her kid, she’s been out there trying to get noticed. She’s gone out all hard mom nipple without a bra and changing her underwear in public…. now she’s gone and put on a men’s shirt that makes her look like the one night stand you met on your business trip after you fucked her, walking around your hotel room, washing up, only as you sit their satisfied, empty-balled, knowing your wife will never find out….but instead she’s out pumping gas, like some common whore, who didn’t have enough time to get dressed and was forced to run out to make an escape cuz the whore stole your wallet and this is the getaway…I mean why else would she be wearing a men’s shirt pumping gas?

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  • This was somewhat arousing…until I saw her choice of boots. That’s just wrong. If I had a penis my boner would of been killed.

  • TDubya

    She is so fine. I agree those boots got to go but Im a dude and the boner is around anytime Ali is. The whole Sharon Stone in Sliver vibe Ali has been puttin on lately is just adding to that effect.