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American Music Awards Went Down of the Day

The American Music Awards are the worst pile of shit on TV, It is paid for by the record companies and advertisers…making it one big, tacky ad for crap that pollutes our lives….

This shit has always been shit, they even used to invite me to attend and no one else ever does that…making me realize just how useless they are…and even worse now that Dick Clark is dead, or near dead, or on life support machies….

I used to live blog every Award show, but they are all they same….so I find bettter ways to entertain myself…like posing naked in front of the mirror, it’s comical.

There was not one single good song, I don’t care how big Mark Anthony’s forehead vein is, I don’t care how bad Justin Beiber and Will Smith’s kid dance with LMFAO and I don’t care how many old clips they throw in trying us to remember the glory days when the AMA mattered….I don’t care how many tight outfits old lady J.Lo squeezes into, or how many latex dresses X-Tina pushing walmart cashier fatness goes through…I don’t care if Katy Perry pretends to play the guitar for a song she’s trying to pull the heart strings with even though she has no soul…I don’t care how stupid her hair is, or how tight her dress is, or how bloated her uterus is…I don’t care if Will.I.Am pretends he is Daft Punk hiring that theatre droop that does those in the dark choreography….and I don’t care about badly written jokes, no matter how much cleavage is there….

The entertainment industry fucking sucks…we need to make good music popular again…seriously…this shit is out of hand…here’s some pussy at the event/performing badly at the event, cuz this is what I do….

You know we are in shit when Katy Perry is the best performance of the night when she sucks….on all levels, is dumpy and makes me want to kill….

This is the one event they should have a terroist attack on….would save the day….and possibly the world….


Vanessa Minnillo who Calls Herself Vanessa Lachay Cuz I Guess She’s Married to Jessica Simpson’s Ask…How Don’t I know this, where was I sleeping, what rock was I under, oh right, I don’t give a shit, cuz she doesn’t matter, but she does use “sick” to describe good things like a teen girl…and she does fuck in hot tubs….and she does look good in this dress….but I still don’t give a shit….s

Audrina Patridge Gets Invited Somewhere and Brings Out Her Tits….

Anne V is a Lingerie Model….

Jennifer Hudson Manorexia

Selena Gomez Looks Uncomfortable Being a Pedophile….It’s like keep this behind closed doors I don’t wanna go to jail even though I look 12 shit…

Taylor Swift Makin Proper Blowjob Faces

Katy Perry Shitty Clown Style Remembered She Had Tits….

She also performed and looked like an pink idiot….but brought out her tits…and was unfortunately the best show of the night – cuz everyone is even a bigger pile of shit than her…

Christina Aguilera Was There Looking Fat as Precious in Latex, squeezing out from every angle, which is good if you only look at her tits, so much strapping to make the pig look like a lady….Fast Forward to 2:21


J.Lo was There in Exteme Spandex to hold in her mom body…she’s in her 40s…and that makes her performances awkward at best…But the Highlight Is The Fat Back-Up Dancer – he’s on some X-Tina’s Routine…she’s a little old for this…milking being latino….annoying

That’s enough of my AMA mega post.

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  • imtheloserbehindyou

    Well all awards shows are set up by their own industry, none of these people care about their awards they care more about the checks going into their bank accounts.

    Sorry Christina A, No bandage dress will make you look better; that only works for jennifer love hewitt.

    Hey J-Lo didnt britney spears wear that five years ago?

    I can believe Heidi Klum wasnt invted to the AMA, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD, when a german model that has nothing to do with music dosent get invited to a music award show.