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Reese Witherspoon is a Dumpy Mom of 12 of the Day

No matter how much this pig worksout, she’ll always be a fucking pig. I don’t get it. Maybe she should lay off the dairy products, or the deep south where she’s from fried foods. Maybe she should stop putting her faith in Jesus like the good Mormon or whatever the fuck she pretends to be, all going to church all the time, despite living her life filled with divorce and sex out of wedlock…..She’s hollywood trash playing wholesome southern woman, who if in fact was a wholesome southern woman, she wouldn’t be in Hollywood…..

So here she is in workout clothes looking dumpy as shit, confusing all of us, but expecting her to blame it on getting run over a few weeks ago, cuz that’s just what fat women do…they make excuses….

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  • cowbulls

    I really applaud your much improved choice in women in the stepLinks of the day. Then you lose it by calling a hot woman like Reese dumpy. I think she looks just fine.