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Sienna Miller For Old Times of the Day

I used to think Sienna Miller was amazing….

She was always naked in movies, because lets face it that was her only real skillset when it came to depth in acting….and she always looked good getting naked….but this was at least 5 or 6 years ago….Since then…she’s disappeared and hardly exists….she locked down a relationship with Jude Law, her costar in many movies, because I assume they understand each other, since bother are washed up UK actors who made it in America, but more importantly, because they probably gave each other some STDs, and the set just happened to be the same romantic premise of the MEETPEOPLEWITHHERPES site…you know if you already have it you can’t get it again or give it to new partners if those partners have it to….

But she still looks kinda good, and I’d be more than happy to see her titties naked, perky, small and lovely like it was 2004 again….but that’s probably cuz I live in the past and have a hard time moving on…proven in his site’s modern and functional design…amongst other things like not leaving my wife for fame and fortune of Hollywood and shit…

Either way, here are the pics

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  • steve austin

    The other girl is Louise bourgoin, a french slut.