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Stacy Keibler’s Golden Ass for Culo of the Day

This Raphael Mazzuco book called Culo keeps getting better….I already posted ass pictures of Alessandra Ambrosio, Kate Upton, Bianca Balti, Christie Teigan, Irina Shayk and I posted ass pictures of Nicole Scherzinger and now I am posting picture of Stacy Keibler’s ass, all gold panited and amazing….probably the hottest ass picture from the book yet….I mean other than Kate Upton….who I just don’t like admitting is hot….because she’s chubby and going to end up very very fat when she hits 25….and I like being the guy who says “I told you so”….instead of appreciate hotness today…

The unfortunate thing in all this that George Clooney is a homo and doesn’t take advantage of this long legged, wrestling trophy of an ass more ass should look like…..she’s just a stand in woman to hide all his gay sex…but maybe after seeing this pic…he’ll do her up the ass…cuz even faggots gotta appreciate this ass….

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