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Elisabetta Canalis Posing With her PETA Ad of the Day

So Elisabetta Canalis did an ad where she got naked for Peta a few months ago…I POSTED THE US LAUNCH …..

She’s obvious….because she’s the bottom feeding wallet fucker who got on Dancing With the Stars the first chance she got cuz she knew she had a small window of opportunity before people forgot she dated George Clooney…her claim to fame….and whether she is famous and successful or not back home doesn’t matter…she’s pretty much nothing but a groupie whore here….so getting naked for a campaign that will get promoted hard…just makes sense…and I doubt she believes in their philosophy, it just corresponded nicely to her objectives of being in the media…especially since eating meat has been her claim to fame, sure that meat was of the penis variety but you get what I’m saying….and that is that this is strictly another marketing hustle….even though she should be getting naked in video playing with herself if she really wanted to make it in America….

Either way, I guess they are launching it in another country…because here she is standing with the shit….dressed like a fucking dude like George Clooney likes it…probably cuz she doesn’t care to look good or put the effort in, cuz it’s not for an American launch..and America is the only market she’s into getting into….but here are the pics anyway.

Here’s the lovely video…

And the pics…..

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