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Possible Stacy Keibler Naked in Bed with Girls of the Day

These are some pictures that are being passed around as Stacy Keibler naked in bed with friends and from what I can see in the pics…I have no fucking idea if this is actually her or not….but I do know that she’s the kind of girl who loves attention….who was riding pretty much under the radar before her shared publicist with Clooney worked some PR magic….since no wrestling slut’s ever really had longivity in the mainstream…..unless you’re talking about the length and reputation of Chyna’s clit….but you probably aren’t….we’re talking abou Keibler….and it’s only natural for her to leak shit like this…possibly from the CULO photoshoot….of her and some ass in a bed…cuz it just makes sense…it’ll get people talking and the real fans masturbating….but I’m too desensitized for that….

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  • Ed

    It’s for that Culo book. That middle chick is Chrissy Teigan, or what ever. They’re both in the book.

  • dead cunt!

    that bitch with the blue jizzum on her looks to have a nasty, lumpy, unshapely ass. pathetic.

  • Volfie99

    Chrissy Teigan. *makes note* Thanks, she’s super-pretty….:)