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Kate Hudson and Her Baby Daddy are Idiots of the DAy

I cannot stand spoiled richkids with celebrity moms who managed to leverage that into a career of their own that becomes critically and publically accepted when she should have just been another Paris Hilton….

Especially when they don’t treat their career or celebrity with any fucking resepct, and instead of graciously accepting the attention that is unwarranted and undeserverd that people are being nice enough to give them….to help them further market themselves and generate interest in them….so producers don’t forget about them…even though they should because their vagina that has been plowed by everyone and impregnated by a few is only a fraction of the trash the rest of her dumpy, bloated face is….

So seeing Kate Hudson and her idiot baby daddy dressed like homeless – wearing plastic bags cuz they are so funny, clever, crazy…telling the paparazzi to fuck off…giving themselves something to discuss later that night….and it makes me want to run a motherfucker over…this shit offends me more than you know….I hope they die in a murder suicide or drug overdose…but then again he is with Kate Hudson and probably just hiding a cold sore.

All this to say….Nice shoes Hudson…You cunt.

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