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Heather Graham Old Lady for Old Times of the Day

I have no real reason to post these pictures of Heather Graham…She’s not falshing tits, or pussy, or really doing anything special…I think it’s the Christmas Season….or maybe it is cuz I just drank too much the last week and the depressive effects of alcohol are raping me since I don’t have a drink going and I am here reflecting great celebrity pussy of the past…

You know tapping into her titty and bush performance in Boogie Nightswhat must have been a decade ago…getting all meloncholic and emotional while listening to love songs….in this life filled with broken dreams….and broken women…even though Heather Graham has aged pretty amazing.

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    The shit I would do to that red, red mouth.

    She would kill herself out of shame.

  • I would still bone Heather Graham ’till my penis broke in half – lol