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Abby Brothers Naked for Terry Richardson of the Day

I am finally starting to like Terry Richardson again. He is taking his celebrity photographer, all mainstream and corporate, rich and repetitive in his pictures, but smart enough to exploit his style when it was hot, as hard as he could….and using it for good and by good I mean getting his hot model friends to model naked for him for free for his “art” reminding us of the good he once offered the world while he documented shit…instead of the actual shit he got paid huge to take pics of….

Her name is Abby Brothers, she’s naked for a friend, for free, cuz he’s a big photographer and she’s a model and the two come together in a natural union featuring some pussy lip…. and I like it.

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Hate the ink, love the tits.

    A definite dark room fuck.

  • legendkiller

    The tits are amazing. Great little body.

  • Joe

    Super cute girl, perfect body
    WHY do these women ruen it all with tramp stamps & prison tags ?

  • pantsonfire

    Holy Sandusky! Chick looks like a twelve year old boy.

  • Venom

    I thought it was a dude at first. The name Brothers does not help either.
    Terry Richardson is a hack.

  • Ruby

    …. she doesnt have any tits? nice ass but otherwise Richardson-standard mediocre looking professional anorexic.

  • me

    um, is that supposed to be a girl?

  • th

    i thought it was Garth from Wayne’s World

  • traniwatch

    Tatted up whore looks like a 12 year old boy. Big nose, big lips and bucked teeth. Imagine what it looks like without photoshop. I’m sure it’s a tranni that didn’t have the money for implants so just had the weiner cut off. I think it has an adams apple.

  • truthy

    Is this heroin chic or biker slut chic? Eat a sandwich please!!!!

  • skankpatrol

    Funny about the last name since she also loves big black cock.

  • lolita

    Pretty girl, way to skinny.

  • Crss

    Dude looks like a lady.

  • wtfboy

    Seriously!? Was this girl molested and trying to starve herself to keep a pre-pubescent body so the pedophiles will still be interested!? What a poor little pitiful looking girl. The malnutrition will age her before her time. Anorexia is a serious mental illness. No men are interested in this unless they are child molesters!