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Charlize Theron in a Tight Red Dress of the Day

Long before Lindsay Lohan Did Playboy Pics ….Charlize Theron did Playboy pics….but she was just a model from South Africa whose mom killed her dad and who probably already showed titty for fashion…who had a mission to get into Hollywood…and that worked…and not some crackwhore on the tailend of her career trying to hold on as hard as she can at 25….but I guess it worked for Theron and Lohan’s strategy may work for her, but the truth is that I think the winner in all this is you and me…cuz we get to look at the pics…they enhance our shit life…

I guess Charlize Theron is promoting a movie…slutting it up with titty and red latex looking tight outfits…tapping into her slutty roots….cuz it got her attention before and it may do it again….

Here’s her titty….in a dress…..

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  • imtheloserbehindyou

    I love how Hollywood gets actors who are in their late 30’s early 40’s to play a “young adult” when its really just using her name and fame to get lonely women to watch a bad movie.