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Miranda Kerr Naked in Industrie Magazine of the Day

Everyone made such a big deal about new mom Miranda Kerr wearing the Victoria’s Secret million dollar bra, you know cuz of all the hard marketing that went behind it…but I’m pretty sure I’d rather see her naked any fucking day…..so you can thank Industrie Magazine for making the bitch get naked for fashion…but I’ll just thank her slutty, stripper ways….What a slut…Good times…

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  • imtheloserbehindyou

    Poor Orlando Bloom he had to marry her and take her out on dates and listen to her bitch about the other models at work just to see her naked and all I had to do was wait for pictures like this.

  • cowbulls

    Yes, but he gets to pull her over his ears like a football helmet.

  • wow! so fucking beautiful.