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Hilary Duff Hot When Pregnant of the Day

I love Hilary Duff pregnant, mainly cuz of her fat ass….and all the tight clothes she squeezes into….seriously, she looks better pregnant than not, and I’m the kind of guy who hates pregnant chicks, even though fucking them on a one night stand means you’re in the clear, no condom, internal cumshot….you know with no HIV cuz if she had HIV the docs woulda made her abort…the kind of logic that usually lands you HIV…..

That said….the most important thing that makes Hilary Duff while pregnant is that she’s first time pregnant…meaning her pussy is still in tact….one more reason to fuck the fetus’ face off….

Here are the pics…

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  • imtheloserbehindyou

    At least shes making it look sexy being preg. Look how many just give up and wear sweatpants and sweatshirts either going out or just parking their asses on a couch waiting to pop and counting the money in their head they will get either from the goverment or some dumbass who was stupid enough to preg a woman in the first place.