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Rose McGowan is Beautiful of the Day

Rose McGowan

I love Rose McGowan’s face. I’ve tried to add her to facebook at least once and she just ignores me…and even if that account isn’t actually her, but of a Russian kid into fan fiction and fantasy….it still hurts me….but not as much as whatever it is she’s doing to her face probably hurts her….not that it’s a bad look, I’m all for puffy faces, some of my best friends have puffy faces, but then again…I spend a lot of time alone and most of my best friends are my wife’s stuffed animal collection…those fuckers just never stop staring at me….sometimes they tell me to do bad things to them….I always feel shame when I’m done and left to clean the cum soaked stuffin…

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  • josh


  • Rose…where is your makeup?

  • I’ve always been a fan of Rose but good God what did she do to her face? This post should be called Rose McGowan is plastic of the day. Dayum!