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Stephanie Seymour Vagina Definition Tight Pants of the Day

Stephanie Seymour is the creepy mom who probably gives her gay son blowjobs, or at least did when he was a baby, like all creepy moms do but that people don’t really talk about, because we live in a man hating world….she is also the Yoko Ono who broke up Guns’n Roses…and now she’s in St Baths in spandex, showing cooter, and it isn’t very exciting…but I’m posting it anyway….cuz you see there’s nothing like seeing ex models all old and disgusting when we can just google them and see them at their prime instead…..you know cuz we’re not dudes, we’re catty women who went to school with her hoping to feel better about ourselves…you now how it is…

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  • carrie

    Stephanie Seymour who hugs her son ,Axel Rose didn’t need of Seymour to break GUNS&ROSE alone and she again looks great