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Stacy Keibler Holiday Advice of the Day

I was looking for a video of Stacy Keibler doing some video game promotions in spandex, where the camera man got up in her ass nice and good giving us a great angle you know so we really grasp how effective the videogame is, but I found this ghetto ass video of her giving holiday diet advice and I’m not even sure if it is actually her, because she doesn’t mention anything about faking being on birth control so that you can get knocked up by an A-List actor and spend the rest of your life….set for life….

Then I found the video of her doing some Video Game shit in some Tight clothes….and forgot all about the above video….because her groupie wrestling ass makes it obsolete…

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  • cowbulls

    The world class legs are well know but Stacy has a great ass.