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J.Woww’s a Bikini Model of the Day

Jersey Shore trash J.Woww is a bikini model now, and I am pretty ok with it because she has a great body….more importantly she isn’t the troll and this isn’t her signing books that she pretends she wrote…it’s modeling cheesy fucking bikinis….for a company that is probably going to make a fortune now that they brought her on….and the truth is that as shit as Jersey Shore is….she’s the kind of whore, who had implants pre-Jersey shore for a reason….ready to humilate herself in a club, stripclub or porn set to get by, but instead decided to do it on MTV….and there’s nothing wrong with that….as long as you’re the hot one…which apparently this J.Woww is…. Who cares.

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  • pantsonfire

    Oh, yeah! I pumped my fist to that, if you know what I mean – a few times!

  • imtheloserbehindyou

    I know ill be seeing these bikinis soon in my local stripclub, and probably jwow too.