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Evelina Oboza Ass in Hostel Part III of the Day

I read that the movie Hostel Part III is coming out on DVD on December 27, which makes total sense because as DVD producer, who wants to capitalize on all those annoying Christmas sales, you know where people don’t really put much thought into their gifting, but instead pick up the shittiest thing they can find, like a big Toblerone bar, just to let a motherfucker know you don’t care about them….in the nicest of ways….through presents…

Either way, her name is Evelina Oboza, I’ve never heard of her, there’s no real info on her ion the internet other than that she was on Scrubs as the Hot Blonde back in 2006, something I am sure she’s very proud of, I mean before her ass made it into this Hostel bullshit….perfect for the xmas season….to get you in the xmas spirit….thinking of what you’d do to Santa for making you look bad….if he actually existed….who cares.

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