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Stephanie Seymour’s 50+ Bikini Pics of the Day

There was a time back in the 90s when a friend of mine gave me a 50+ porn magazine…that featured images of the kind of 50 year old you’d expect to get naked for some magazine for what I’m thinking was a warm bowl of soup…or something equally cheap….

That magazine had the power to turn me the fuck off 50 year old woman, imagining all their pussy looked the same as the ones I found myself jerking fof to at least 5 times, even though I didn’t like it, just becuase it was the only porn I had access too…it was before the internet…

But Stephanie Seymour reminds us that not all 50 year olds are made the same…this ex model looks fucking great….and maybe that’s cuz she’s not spread eagled…and maybe that’s cuz I am horny and confused and alone…except for this pig of a wife snoring next to me…or maybe it’s cuz it’s just the way it is….

Who cares here are the pics..

To See THe Rest of the Pics

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  • cowbulls

    I think she would be better in bed than 98% of the models of today. I hate skinny women that look like teenage boys.