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Mischa Barton’s Bikini Pics of the Day

I used to do a Mischa Barton death watch back when she was in therapy and tending to some kind of addiction I’m not sure was ever exploited or explained for the sheer fact that no one gives a fuck about Mischa Barton and whether she died tomorrow or even 4 years ago…no one’s life would really fucking change…she’s a low impact celebrity….

Either way, she was bloated, disgusting to look at, unshowered and she likely stank…but for some reason she pulled it together…probably thanks to the millions in her bank and its ability to hire trainers and handlers…and now she’s looking tight enough bodied on the beach for me to want the disgusting sloppy past off her with my mouth…I’m weird like that.

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  • Joe

    Obesity runs in her family much of the shit that happened to her is her own familys (for working her as a cash cow since age 3) and Hollywoods fault. It appears she’s had some kind of gall bladder or stomach operation. That’s def a laparoscopic scar under her right boob.

    If she stays away from that shit and now washed up multi-national corperate currupt industry she will be fine

  • Jay

    Sorry folks I didnt notice the bikini in these photos cover the scar see some of the other recent ones posted on line