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Claudia Galanti is Still Milking her Bikini of the Day

Does it really matter that this Paraguay model is still in her bikini….weeks after the first set of pics of her in a bikini surfaced…loving the attention so much she extended her vacation….and decided to crawl around on all fours for effect….I don’t know I kinda like her strategy to get noticed…more girls in everyday life should be this obvious and half naked…it would make going to the store to use my food stamps far more fucking exhilerating…while now it just remains depressing, cold, lonely and without half naked bitches screaming “Look at me….Look at me”….someone needs to give this twat a nobel peace prize cuz she’s found the cure to all things miserable…attention seeking sluts….they solve everything….

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  • fartbucket

    Is she preggo or just dumb enough to think that tummy flap from the bikini bottom makes her not look fat?