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Hilary Duff is Ready to Drop of the Day

Hilary Duff is fucking hot when pregnant…I have no idea what’s going to happen when the first child rips her fucking insides out, leaving her with a prolapsed anus, 50 pounds of excess baby weird, a stretched apart stomach…but I do know she’ll be good for fisting.

Anyway, take all this Hilary Duff in, cuz based on the size of her she may have the new year’s baby…..a job I always wish I had…but never did cuz my whore mother got knocked up 4 months too late….

2012 is both the end of the world and the end of Hilary Duff’s vagina….

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  • pantsonfire

    Just a note to Hillary Duff, who probably has assistants scouring the WWW for ANYTHING that might be posted in regards to her post Lizzy McGuire ass: Don’t hang out with chicks who are hotter than you! That includes your sister, Haylie and pretty much most of the rest of the world. Whoever this blonde Nordic looking chick is with the awesome kettlebell/spin class honed body that says, “I’ll fuck you into submission” is, makes you look like you should be slinging hash in some waterfront dive diner that caters to dock workers, in comparison. Look, I don’t want to destroy your self esteem, but facts is facts, baby girl. I have to say though, that you’re robust preggo ass looks slammin’ in those tight pants, so that’s somethin’ to feel good about… until you cunt shit that weiner slinging midget out, then it’s back to total dullsville. Enjoy the brief bootyocity, though. Happy New year, slut!