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Vanessa Hudgens Whoring Out on the Beach of the Day

Here are some pics of Vanessa Hudgens whoring out in on the beach…giving boners to boyfriends who fuck her and aren’t gay like the last one…..but I prefer when she’s slutting out on nude pics when she was 17, naked and unshaven….until she gets all regretful on us and sends her lawyers to mend the pieces of her broken heart…or whatever the fuck happened when I was threatened criminally for posting them cuz she was underage…even though that technically makes her the kiddie porn producer…..regretful sluts are the worst…so that shit caused a riff, made me hate her for recent weight gain, but the truth is she’s a pretty solid Filipino, far more amazing than the lazy nannies i see in Juicy Couture in the rich part of town being degraded by 5 year old rich kids…

And here she is visiting her old haunts…whoredom and amazing.

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  • Venom

    She is a good little slut, she should be honored and revered.

  • I broke my computer screen smacking her ass. =(