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Reese Witherspoon’s Sloppy Bikini Ass of hte DAy

If you’ve ever wondered why Ryan Phillippe’s fucking hot young pussy….Reese Witherspoon is the reason why…..I mean sure dude’s got money, had a career, people find him hot…but he was a devoted family man after being entrapped by this full of shit southern christian pig on her first movie role, who at the time probably was insecure in her fatness and assumed she’d never end up making it in Hollywood and that this Cruel Intentions ig was just fucking fluke and amazing….so she got knocked up and he stuck with her…but the older she got, the more famous she got, the more annoying she got, the more full of shit she got and the sloppier cunt she got….never trust a jogger who looks like such a pile of fat shit…the only way she’s a jogger that makes sense is if she runs to the dessert cart at copetitive eating contests…….

And here she is rocking her middle aged body contouring bikini bottoms…

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  • LolleyGagger

    Whoa she’s hit the wall!

    “Yeah, I hate it when a bitch lets herself slide.” (can’t remember from what movie”

  • LolleyGagger

    ….Not that I wouldn’t fuck the body, still better than I will ever usually get. But her mouth would have to be shut, can’t stand her personality holier than thou att..

  • Markytee

    HOLY MOO JUICE! She got more cottage cheese than a Jewel dairy case!