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Rachel Hunter is an Ex-Model Turned Looking Good Sweetheart of the Day

I was never ever into Rachel Hunter when she was at her prime bikini modeling…I barely even looked at her twice, even when the bikini was see through and her nipples were exposed….I just always found her to have a big jaw, big face, big head cuz maybe she was just big….I also just assumed she was the front for Rod Stewart’s homosexual tendencies…you know cuz famous musical acts are all weird….and appently nothing ever changes for the better cuz as it turns out her sex appeal is something that clearly doesn’t improve with age…but that’s not news to anyone….just look at your mom, wife, high school crush…bitches just get uglier…and here are the ex bikini model pics to remind us that not everyone is Elle Macpherson….

Rachel Hunter….Lookin’ Good Sweetheart….

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  • I read the book by groupie Pam DesBarres. Even she wouldn’t do Rod Stewart and that is saying something. Lol.