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LeAnn Rimes Skimpy Thong Bikini Ass of the Day

LeAnn Rimes may have a shitty face…she may have a shitty round implants…She may be so skinny that her ass looks flat, lacks the same roundness her titties have…..it may just be sort of hanging their off the bones like a pile of loose skin…but never too skinny for me….cuz I hate fat chicks…..but you gotta give it to her… she’s sure turned herself around….from being the wholesome country bumpkin you’d assume was into God and the Church for her Christian fans that make her money cuz she’s safe….to this sexed up nympho homewrecking slut with a possible drug addiction in a thong bikini on the beach…and if that’s not magical…despite how angry it may make God cuz she lied….or maybe cuz God is a lie….I love it…and by love it…I mean…wouldn’t mind wearing her legs as a scarf and her pussy as a gas mask….cuz that’s just the kind of guy I am…always full of smut….ready for smut…creepily obsessed with smut….Good times.

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  • She looks much better in this set than her last bikini set.

  • StevE

    I agree. She looks totally hot in this set! Wow. Perfect little tight ass.

  • imtheloserbehindyou

    I like it because shes pretty much naked, I dont have to date or marry her or listen to her talk about her boring day and boring life.

    P.S nice tramp stamp I bet hubby has had many loads shot onto it.

  • Venom

    I’d fcuk her, that is all.

  • Karl Hungus

    The nice thing about her ass is that it is on the side opposite her face.

  • jazz pazz

    the fact that some of u guys find her flat ass sexy, makes me feel better, cos my ass is also flat. w00t.

  • KY

    God she is ugly, inside & out! Funny thing is Brandi G. was shown wearing a skimpy bikini on tv & now Flacor has to show up in her staged pap shots in one. Pathetic

  • She’s sexy AND she can sing.

  • cowbulls

    I’m an ass man and that isn’t a good ass.

  • LolleyGagger

    For the record that isn’t a flat ass just a small one.

    She went from young country star to mature city slut, I like it, nothing like a girl grown up.