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Charlize Theron’s Long Legs in Tight Pants of the Day

Charlize Theron is hot…almost perfect…sure she’s a little older now…but she’s still got something about her I like…..unfortunatly she’s got something about her that I don’t like also…and that’s that her mother got away with killing her abusive father with a slap on the wrist…pretty much the kind of Trauma you want to avoid when you start dating or fucking a bitch…cuz you know she’s got it programmed in her that if you go just a little too far in punching her in the face for being out of line, or chaining her in the basement where you beat her with a bar of soap in a sock….she’s gonna do all she can to get revenge and that makes her boring to masturbate to….but here she is in tight pants anyway…

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  • Joe

    I dont understant what people see in this chick. Shes an outsider who hates America only here for money. She wont even date an American. Not that one would put up with her polital left wing bullshit including a house the reeks like amimal transporter cars on the Ringling Bros train.

    Nothing like dirty feet, dogshit and garbage cans of rotting sushi for pitching a trouser tent ehh ?