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Rose McGowan Gives the Finger of the Day

Rose McGowan….you’ve got a bad attitude….if you really hated the paparazzi…why the fuck don’t you live in Canada…or somewhere less Hollywood….giving them the finger…is mean. The paparazzi are classy immigrants just trying to live the American dream…one creppy photo at a time…there’s no need to get pissed off…it’s not like they are hiding in your closet or on your fire escape or going through your garbage…but that may be because you haven’t been in a movie in a long time…but that’s no reason to be a jerk…it’s not their fault you’ve changed your face since your car accident or that you broke up with the director future husband who always cast you…and the real issue in all this is why won’t you add me as a facebook friend….cuz I still find you hotness…funny lips and botox or not….you still have great tits…even if you have a bad bratty attitude…

Yes..I just wrote a post as a letter to Rose McGowan…and no I’m not humilated by it…cuz I have no shame…

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Never heard of this piece of gash meat, I don’t think I have ever wanked off to her either. She looks kind of mom like.

    Someone should ram their finger up her dry twat, ‘m just saying.

  • nunya

    HorneyLohanWanker I long for your cock