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Chloe Sevigny Slutty yet Ugly for Interview Magazine of the Day

Remember Chloe Sevigny? She was an actor once…but that was ruined when she started sucking Vincent Gallo dick and taking his load in his movie Brown Bunny…something I assume was her last role…but I’m too lazy to find out…

I never really got her appeal, people thought she was this fashion icon, I just found her unattractive. She pulled the whole New York hipster shit, hanging with artists and the whole thing was way too annoying….and full of shit for me…

But here she is – decades after being the AIDS bitch in kids…looking like she may have AIDS, or at least a sex change, and for some reason I’m posting it….maybe I’m into AIDSed up Trannies…

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  • Gummo. That is how I will always remember her.

  • SirBark

    Brown Bunny. That is how I will always remember her.

  • Margaret

    She did 5 seasons of Big Love.

  • Josephine Baker

    After doing that scene, she’ll NEVER have a respectable career.