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Ashley Johnson May be Unknown but She is in a Bikini of the Day

Her name is Ashley Johnson…you probably aren’t her fan…you probably don’t even know who she is and I might as well be posting pics of bitches in bikinis you send in from you vacations…..but you dont send in those pics and I’m forced to use paparazzi pics….of people who played Chrissy Seaver on Growing Pains…a role I don’ remember…and either do you…but I guess we have no choice to believe…..that said here she is in a bikini with her kid…showing some middle aged mom body…good times…

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  • Little Chrissie Seaver is all grown up. Her character on GP was very contrived. Alan Thicke was past the point of having fertile sperm and the lady already went through menopause when she was born. They really didn’t need another kid, Ben Seaver was bad enough and then they adopted Leo DiCaprio. They could have fired the rest of the cast once they got Leo. He was a no name then and all us chicks wanted is cock in a major way.

  • Speaking of Ashly Johnson. I may Just have to pick up a PS3 to play “The Last of Us”

  • Middle aged she’s only 28

  • Ryamc1958

    shes not a mom or middle aged dude.