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Lea Michele poses for her ad campaign for Candies of the Day

That Dude From Glee who goes by the name Lea Michelle was cast to be the spokesperson for Candies…a company that has historically had hot photoshoots with famous bitches you want to fuck…Like Britney Spears and Hayden Panettiere, but this is the recession and obviously everyone is feeling it…especially Candies…so they were forced to run with a sure shot to promote their garbage…cuz they know this bitch has a huge fan base…instead of a bitch you’d want to see posing hot even though I’d watch anyone try to pose hot….and here is the dude from glee….

Here is the video….

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  • Mouse


  • Mike

    Vanessa Hudgens’ Candies campaign was better.

  • Venom

    You just know that this chick is an epic slut.

  • I agree with venom. And Jewish chicks have super tight snatches, so if you have a small weiner, she would make for an ideal sex romp.

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    She makes my cock shrivel. I get the definite “Was once a guy” vibe off of it.

  • JOJimmy

    She’s not the hottest girl out there, but I’d still put my bare cock inside her and give her my best two minutes.

  • ralo

    Well to bad she is rather way a HORE