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Gina Carano Muscular and Scary for GQ of the Day

Gina Carano is an ex MMA fighter….turned actress who I’ve never heard of…mainly because I don’t like MMA, expecially not women in the MMA, shit is too weird and violent….and most importantly gay…especially when the people in the cage live their lives as women….see cuz I thought half naked men rubbing up on each other in booty shorts was homo porn foreplay…but that was until today…because manly bitches who can kick your ass fghting and half naked…is a far gayer…it represents repressed homosexual fantasy…from someone too scared to take it up the ass like the fag he is….Seriously…a wise taxi driver in Vegas once told me 4 days ago…that you can never trust a straight looking man in normal clothes coming out of the tranny bar….and I am feelng the same way about men who watch FEMALE MMA…

That said, she got half naked and fighting for GQ…and these are the pics for you weirdos…she’s like a fucking dude with tits….that can’t be normal?!

Here’s the video

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