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Katie Price Wholesome White Panties of the Day

Katie Price is a classy, elegant, very wealthy woman…so of course she’d be wearing white underwear like she’s never been in a sex tape, like she doesn’t have the stupidest sized fake tits, like she didn’t make her money being a whore, like she never strapped on a dildo and fucked her husband up the ass, and all other things that make her the biggest pile of trash I want to cuddle up against and burry my face in her horrible tits…..

I’m just disappointed there’s no herpes blister pussy pussy stain….why is puss-y spelled pussy – it’s fucking with my head….here is the panty pic

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  • What is wrong with this woman. Why is she even wearing panties? All celebs know you are not supposed to wear panties with short skirts/dresses.