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Kim Kardashian’s Self Shot Cleavage of the Day

Kim Kardashian is a fucking PORNSTAR ….

I was in Vegas talking to people who run the porn industry and every single one of them told me that in order to release a porn you need to run shit by all kinds of regulatory boards, and every single model has to have her ID and a waiver signed….It is the law…

Meaning if Kim Kardashian really was compromised and her video really stolen and not released in a scheme to make all the money she’s made….people would have been arrested.

It’s a huge fucking joke, but not as much of a joke as her posting pics of her bra on twitter for attention….some sluts just never change…they keep getting fatter, older, dumpier…but they don’t change…

On a side note….I also know the girl who is paid to write her twitter for her. Nice girl.

This Kim Kardashian machine s idiotic and needs to crash like Otis Redding.

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  • roscoe

    I’d pay five bucks to take a crap on her tits.

  • ExpletiveBMP

    You cannot have one without the other, and in case none of you have noticed this, but the lot of you are the frog gradually boiled to death since you haven’t noticed that the modernization that gave you the rise of homosexual acceptance also allowed the existence of Kim Kardashian. Continuum Fallacy aside, what you call value or substance, had it’s roots in what was publicly acceptable, which had it’s roots in morality. And as acceptance of things became less of do the right thing, and more do what you like, then the gauge which said what was acceptable and what wasn’t no longer mattered, and we unceremoniously, threw the baby out with the bath water.


    ^^^You haven’t lost your edge, Ex.

  • Жопа

    If I pee on anyone and film it will I get rich?

  • I’m having the case of the runs with a very angry tummy right now and seeing these continuous images of Kim Whoredashian is not helping me. I’m also running out of toilet paper and Pepto Bismol.

  • ExpletiveBMP


    Master MEGADOUCHE! It is good to hear from you sir!

  • Venom

    Damn dude, the Jews made you take down the Tila Tequila post? Lame.

  • ExpletiveBMP


    You know full well how vast and far the reach that Abraham’s children has. And these one’s who came from the seed of Shem, are not unlike elves, that is, if elves were actual people with substance and form. Though they are an auspicious bunch, it was them who were given first authority to become leaders of men, but of course, they didn’t fully understand, or was far too selfish to understand fully, that by following, they’d be able to lead, but their selfish failings empowered many among the nations to attain actual power; which they’d only receive by slaving, and then by serving, but it is their power now, even as, among that number, a great many of those with the greatest power in existence are our elf friends. But after all, Hollywood only exist because of them, because some one thought that, they didn’t belong in any industry along side with people who are not descendents of elves.