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Jenna Marbles Alleged Sex Tape of the Day

I don’t know the legitimacy of this claim….because I don’t know who the fuck Jenna Marbles is…but apparently she’s some girl who made a video called “How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking”….that got so many views cuz youtube is a determinant of all things important in life….

I figure Youtube fame is something hard to live with, cuz you barely get paid from the shit, it doesn’t lead to mansions and Rolls Royce’s, it’s more of a shit, 50,000,000 people saw a video of me farting blood….how do I keep this fame…sex tape…

So I don’t know if this is her, I just know if it is, it would make sense, but more importantly, I know she gives shitty head…even though she’s already got a porn name….


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  • ConCarver

    It’s not her. I compared skull and Jenna has a longer face, shape, distance of eyes, ridges of mouth, teeth, smile, and her hair doesn’t peak like Jenna Marbles.
    However, pretty similar look (Imagine that, a blonde looks like a blonde). One of the more convincing i’ve seen.
    Good for her because this chick lacks proper nob slobbing etiquette and camera performance.

  • erydan

    This girl is cuter and fatter then Jenna Marbles

  • RB

    Just look at the tattoo on the back. Does Jenna have a tattoo like that on her back? If so, then it is her. If not, then it’s someone else.