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Kate Hudson’s New Mom Body Bikini Pics of the Day

The header pic of KATE HUDSON is not from today’s exciting bikini pics of her hot enough for a mom of 2 body that has seen more cock than a fucking chicken farmer. They are from THIS SHOOT when she was a mom of 1 that had seen more cock than a chicken farmer….you see cuz I guess growing up in hollywood as a second rate version of her mother didn’t give her the opportunity to follow her dreams of being a chicken farmer, so she decided to turn her vagina into one…..

I don’t really know about this Kate Hudson spoiled brat whore who some how managed to make her own money thanks to her mom’s connections….she’s old, she’s haggard and has babies with multiple men….cuz that’s how whores operate…I know cuz my mom was one…

Either way, the paparazzi are on my ass, so I had to link out to other sites who have good relationships with the paparazzi cuz other sites make millions, but I’m the retard, bad at business, site that can’t sell a fucking ad because I post tits and have no readers. Aweesome….So to see the bikini pics…follow the below link…boom.

To See the Pics I Don’t Have the RIght To Post

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