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Rose McGowan’s Panty Flash in Video of the Day

The Rose McGowan red panty flash pictures have been circulating the last day, so I figured I’d post the video becuase I really have nothing else going on…I’m still drunk from last night so it seems like a great idea…you know some good old school jerking off to a runway show for heart disease red dress bullshit…..My favorite bitch is the Susan Boyle looking bitch….the other bitches were……….

Aisha Tyler, Chaka Khan, Cindi Leive, Christie Brinkley, Debbie Phelps, Elisabeth Rohm, Giselle Blondet, Gloria Estefan, Idina Menzel, Jeannette Torres-Alvarez, Jenna Elfman, Jennifer Nettles, LaLa Anthony, Linda Evans, Minka Kelly, Patti Stanger, Rebecca Romijn and Rose McGowan.

Who cares….AIDS is more my charity…cuz I like it dripping off my face…

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  • your biggest fan

    you’re right. that susan boyle looking woman was the best. she had it.

     this is the saddest parade of questionable celebrities trying to be models in designer dresses all while feeling that are they are doing something good. absolutely disgusting! i love it.