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Elisabeth Moss in “Me In My Place” for Esquire of the Day

Wow….This is a horrible fucking casting for a feature in a magazine that is supposed to involve a girl of interest, like a model or actor, even at a low level, to prance around her house in her underwear….It’s supposed to give you a glimpse into a world you will never have accesss to with a pussy you will never have access to…not something you don’t want access to…but in the defense of the photographer, who I have had a few emails back and forth with over the years…..at least he kept her pretty fucking covered up so I can focus on other things like where she got her furniture…yes these pics turned me into a gay interior designer…..that’s how hot this bitch is.

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  • I was all set to make fun of her, then I looked around and see she is doing better than me.

    I guess she wins?

  • Your Mother’s Hairy Bunghole

    Does she have Down’s Syndrome ?  She kind of looks like she does.  If she does, I won’t make fun of her – that’s mean.  It’s brave that she’s out trying to earn a living doing something other than bagging my groceries at the corner market and smashing my eggs every fucking time because she can’t understand not to put a 2 gallon milk jug on top of them.

  • babalwaltzemfuggen

    Personally I think Elisabeth Moss is really cute, but soon as she tries to look sexy she looks totally 100% unsexy.