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Paris Hilton’s New Song “Drunk Text” Review of the Day

She looks like a tranny at best….but the really question is:

How is this a song?

She’s so musical…She’s just fucking talking a nonsense story that even her family would stop listening to…about a boring night at the club….I am assuming this is an answering machine message remixed…by one of her friends who hates her….cuz you know by looking at her that all her friends hate her….

I got to 1:28 – that’s only cuz I was trying to be a blogger and struggled to get that far….how good can you do….Let’s make a Friday Game out of it….Post your answers in the comments….

Don’t confuse this for me promoting her…

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  • Bull donkey

    fuck you for even typing her name. Bitch is OLD and useless. This isn’t 2004. We don’t need Paris Hilton stories….besides, its been about 14 minutes. you are due for an upton post.


    Luckily I keep my computer on mute while I am at work. =)

  • Atomicbunnee

    Why? WHY?! She is not a performer…not even in a sub-par porn. Could I even refer to that shit she did with that d-bag as porn? I think her best role was her death in that movie she was in a few years ago…you know, the one where she is murdered by a murderer.
    That bad, I can not remember the name