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Cindy Crawford’s Cleavage in French Revue de Modes #20 of the Day

I love my titties with Giant font on them…..

Cindy Crawford has more than just great hai…she’s got a great fucking body…and there was a 30 second window where I was accidentally next to her a few years back…she smiled at me and I fucking realized why models are models and regular chicks are regular chicks….it’s got something to do with models…even in their 50s looking fucking amazing….on a whole other level of amazing…so whenever I see her tits in magazines…even non nude…I feel obligated to at least try to jerk off to the shit like old times cuz she’s still got it going on….

I don’t know what this french revue shit is, sounds to pretentious to me…but I do know what cleavage is…and that shit is always good for me…

Here’s the videos….

Here’s the picture….

Sharon Stone was also in the mag..I guess they are doing a “Oldtimers you used to jerk off to and occassionally try to jerk off to still” feature……not worthy of its own post…

If this post bored you…here is Cindy Crawford in 1993 doing some kind of exercise…..for 15 minutes…

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  • Anonymous

    Cindy Crawford is number 1 on my fantasy sexual bucket list. 

  • The secret to Cindy’s eternal yourth glow lies in a melon only grown in France.  I’m not making this up.

  • roscoe

    Not hot and never was hot.

  • Madame NoiR

    Cindy looks gorgeous in the vid, she should teach these new models how it is done.  Sharon stone is beautiful with awesome eyebrows & primarily of course, she is an amazing actor.

  • XYZ

    Are u talking about ur gf?