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Gaby Ramirez from Playboy Mexico’s Twitpics of the Day

Her name is Gaby Ramirez, I don’t think she really matters in anyway other than that she did PLAYBOY MEXICO AND SHOWED OFF HER FAKE TITS because Fake tits are often celebrated as an accomplishment despite anyone, even your mom, having the ability to get herself fake tits, making her as busty and amazing as Gaby Ramirez all thanks to not even that modern technology…..in what I think should be celebrated only to make other girls get fake tits, since sleeping with a set of fake tits recently…I’ve learned are fun to man handle in all their firmness and hot shape….which means a lot coming from me cuz for the longest time, I liked my titties natural and sloppy….I guess we all have to switch it up sometimes….

Either way, here are her twitpics, hardly naked enough.

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