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Amy Childs in a Green Bikini of the Day

Amy Childs, not to be confused with Julia Childs, is some UK celebrity who is in her bikini….not sure what she’s famous for other than her tits…because her wikipedia page is pretty uninspiring, but she was on celebrity big brother along with David Hasselhoff’s ex-wife so you can figure out just how much of a celebrity you have to be to get on the show, hell I’m not a celebrity and I could get on that show, I’d probably just have to have 8 people sign a petition claiming they know who I am….She came in fourth…big achievments…she’s a modern day hero…more people should have such inspirational impact on the world…and I mean that…cuz these are pics of her in a bikini and any 22 year old in a bikini is inspires me….that’s why this site isn’t about girls who make differences in the world….

TO Seee The Rest of the Pics

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  • MadamMeow

    Julie Child’s bowel movement is pretty damn hot in this bikini.  I would rub sun tan lotion on her if she let me.

  • Ferdiepacheco

    so the question has to be, how well does she smoke the pole?