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Taylor Momsen’s Explicit Love Song Video of the Day

I posted this video last week without watching it….and it turns out that there’s some titty in it….something I guess they left out of the first edit and figured they’d put out in a new version to get more views….and titties work for me…..

I love love songs….This song is some sappy bullshit about something that I am sure we’ve all heartache and heartbreak at one point in our lives before building up a wall and never really letting anyone in so it doesn’t happen again…cuz it’s a stupid fucking emotion that should just be laughed at along with all other emotions…life is about experiences, all should be fun, even short lived, you can’t rely on other people, especially not a girl for your own happiness….get a fucking hobby….a wise man once told me, investing your happiness in a chick is like investing your money with a con artist, you may get your moneyback but you probably won’t…..people are out for themselves, they lie and they cheat and the good news is that there are millions of girls you’d probably rather be fucking out there anyway….you’ve just got your head in a bubble…fixated on one cunt and you don’t see the fucking light….pussy comes as easy as it goes…unforunately it doesn’t “CUM” as easy as it goes…that takes work….

So if this song makes you want to kill yourself, remember there is no such thing as love….it’s all in your head motherfucker…you don’t need anyone in your life but your fucking self…the second you feel like you need a bitch, you’ve gone too far you co-dependant retard….and you’re fucked….

Here’s her song with tits I can’t identify …..but can assume aren’t hers….but should be….cuz that’s what we pay her big money for….

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  • Philkelly

    That’s the first time I heard her sing, and she’s not bad at that type of music: the angsty, take me serious, wounded bird, white girl trust fund blues.  The stunt titties were excellent, too.  Bottom line, however, is this dumb little girl really doesn’t want to go to the filthy places that tidy little set is base upon.