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Jaime Pressly Ripped Bikini Body for Twitter of the Day

I never really loved hard bodied, fit girls….until I got fucked by one….see I’m a fat fuck and I have the athletic ability of a pile of sewage laying in your bed after a night of hard partying….so I need to find eager girls who like or are getting paid to make me cum to just bounce on me like little sex machines….

I can’t even consider fucking fat chicks, or even chubby chicks cuz they just don’t exist to me….I don’t even see them when they walk by me so asking for a blowjob can’t happen….And the skinny, anorexic, drug addicted girls I used to run after because fat repulsed me…are just too weak to make me cum….even average bodied girls don’t have the stamina for this desensitized soul….It takes athleticism to make me cum, I should be an olympic sport….

Sure their biceps, abs and backs make me think “am I fucking a teenage boy” If they stop bouncing on my dick long enough for me to notice….. and their muscular skin is hard enough to chip a tooth on…..but ripped girls are just better…and age better….especially after birthing children and Jamie Pressly is proof….even if her fake titties are hanging weird off her real strong pecs…

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  • Anonymous

    Jamie has an incredible body and a sultry look that seems to ooze sexuality.  I think she has a top 10 ass.  Her shower scene in Poison Ivy was spectacular.  I’d rather have her once than a dozen of those Hollywood skinny chicks with boob jobs.

  • You should she the Spread she did for Playboy years back – Va Va Va Voom