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Jaime Pressly Twitter Bikini Pic Round 2 of the Day

Back in 1998…. Jaime Pressly Did Playboy to get herself on the fucking scene…

Then back in March 2012…. Jaime Pressly posted two pics of her amazing, ripped, mom body, and probable implants, on twitter ….

Today….she posted one more…..and her fucking body is ridiculous….probably because she got a divorce from the loser she married….and decided to get her life together….but more importantly got her stamina in a place where she could fuck herself a new husband…cuz that’s what I see when I see fitness….if only all moms could pull this off, then I wouldn’t hate being a stepfather so much….

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  • Anonymous

    She also has one of the best asses in the world.  Check her shower scene in Poison Ivy and be sure and have the Klennex close by.