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Old and Drunk Goldie Hawn Turns Me On of the Day

Here are some pics of Goldie Hawn fucking wasted and I love it. Maybe it is cuz I’m a chronic binge drinker, which is socially acceptable term for a fucking dirtbag drug, or maybe it is cuz I love drunk girls of all ages cuz they are fun, entertaing and always put out…

Sure, Goldie Hawn wasted was probably far more rewarding 30 or 40 years ago when she was starting out…all round assed and cute, before polluting the world with Kate Hudson….but getting with this is still a trophy I’d love to hang on my wall….

There’s just something about old, over tanned, falling off her chest, rich woman tits I want in my mouth….age is just a number and when they are done with menopause you don’t have to worry about that whole need to get knocked up bullshit that results in shit like Kate Hudon….

What it comes down to is that I just hate Kate Hudson.

To See The Rest of the Pics

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  • Holy shit, what happened to her?

  • Anonymous

    She has been rode hard and put up wet a few times too many. 

  • ruth

    What has happened to Goldie Hawn’s baby granddaughter RIO LAURA HAWN? She was born July 2013 and neither Rio or her mother Erinn has been photographed after her baby picture was posted last summer…..You cannot find RIO’s baby pic on Goldie’s twitter anymore;-( WHERE IS BABY RIO???