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Stacy Keibler Hot Ass in Maxim Australia April 2012 of the DAy


George Clooney’s girlfriend Stacy Keibler is in Maxim Australia in April 2012, so this is a glimpse into the future, one hot ass, amazing legs, with wrestling experience capable of doing things to me in choke holds I can only dream about and hope Clooney takes serious advantage of cuz she’s his fucking groupie and groupie’s will do anything for the good life…glimpse into the future, that’s not quite as hot as the end of the world, you know 2012 motherfuckers, an end to a doomed humanity I have no hope for cuz we are filled with garbage people with garbage morals and values, just low quality shit that needs to be annihilated and that I look forward to being annihilated even if I get annihilated too, cuz I think it’s best for all of us…..


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  • I was all turned on by these pics when I saw them before until now when I noticed the “Cloony’s Girl” abover her ass.  It’s like a horrible tattoo that won’t go away, and if I had a dick and my dick had a boner, it would probably be killed right now.

  • Ugh. Photos 4 & 5… why did they photoshop barbie legs onto her body?!?!?! Terrible.

  • uh…these are the same old pictures from Maxim in 2008.


  • Anonymous

    She is way too sexy for Clooney.

  • Taktu

     Im all turned off by these pics and herself. There are far better looking women out there. Next!

  • Call me when you get the balls to do some nudes, Stacy. This is the same shit you’ve been peddling since your WWE days.

  • way old pics