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Maria Menounos Failed Dancing with the Stars Body of the Day

I like to think this is just an awkward shot of Maria Menounos running around on the set of Dancing With the Stars….you know that her hips are lying and that this is just some weird optical illusion…because she’s been growing on me….ever since she FLASHED HER PUSSY ON THE BEACH ….I’ve started paying attention…cuz any girl who flashes her pussy on the beach….is a friend of mine….cuz I love seeing pussy….

But maybe that friendship put blinders on my eyes…and all I saw was this toned body on a bitch that is greeek and loves anal…cuz here I am wondering why someone who normally looks so good….looks like a fat middle aged woman trying to get in shape before her daughters wedding….and that’s very sad…I guess her dancing in half naked outfits will be all she can do to redeem herself on this dark, lonely day in the life of Maria Menounos.

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  • I like to think she did something that she’s trying to not get caught for although that camera man caught the whole thing.  He probably used those shots to blackmail her into having his way with her.  Camera men rule.

  • Anonymous

    Maria has a body built for sex.