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Ana Beatriz Barros Uninspiring Beach Pics of the Day

I know what kind of delusional asshole am I to call pictures of a lingerie model in her bikini uninspiring….but I can’t help the way I feel people….her ass looks like it is melting into a sloppy, skinny, mess and that tramp stamp screams stripper whore who has seen better days, but thankfully the black light hides the disease ridden, malnourished, meth ass cheeks from really scaring off customers…..

I am a huge fan of all skinny girls, in fact I encourage fat girls everywhere to stop eating, because they’ll be more appealing to fuck, I make a habbit of giving them that advice they don’t want to hear whenever I see one, you know “Hey you should really consider anorexia”…or “Ever heard of atkins?”….because the truth hurts….just ask Ana Beatriz Barros and her million dollar – thank god for photoshop ass cheeks…

Nice tramp stamp. Seriously can’t fully embrace how funny it is….

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  • Nunya

    I hit it. Then id wipe off my salty dog on the drapes.

  • My Ass looks better then that and I over 50